So, LIE.

I have mostly good things to say about it. I’m really excited to see where things go from here

Just a few random thoughts. (Beware of spoilers.)

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Me, I’ve always been the queen.

#LIE, #LIE spoilers

I have so much schoolwork to catch up on but LIE just got here so…I think we all know how this is going to go.

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Making fun of your internet friends like


make me choose:

                anon asked: Funny moments or Spooky moments





GUYS, there is an indiegogo campaign going on right now to make a Tesla museum and you can buy a brick and personalize it…. we should all collab and do a Deadly Device themed brick.

Well it wouldnt be that expensive if it was a collab thing. Brick is 125$ so if you have like 15 people thats less than 10$ each. What will we write on the brick tho? ”Theres this shiney magic that lives in the power lines, and its dangerous and sly like a fox.” ??

yes. this is good quotation.

im in, and im down with the quote

I love everything about this, but unfortunately the quote is too long for one of the $125 bricks. (It only has 3 lines that are 20 characters each, including punctuation and spaces.)  Maybe it could be shortened to something like:

"There’s a shiny

magic that lives in

the power lines”

Just one suggestion. But whatever it is, I’m in. 

Current Aesthetic: the way Nancy plummets ten feet down a cliff and casually says "Darn!" when hit by a small rock.


Nancy “Ima stick butter in this ancient looking key hole” Drew


Nancy “Ima stick butter in this ancient looking key hole” Drew

Dude, that’s cold.


Dude, that’s cold.